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I know that it’s been a while, but, life ya know. I’ve received a lot of questions about how I balance it all; that’s a question I genuinely ask myself multiple times a day. I don’t have all the answers and so, my best take away would be is to commit to the things which best suits you.

  • Set a schedule! Give yourself mandatory dates that you need to have a certain number of things on that “to do” list completed!

(I usually set my completion date a day ahead to give myself some wiggle room, just in case something happens and I need to push it back a day)

  • Always have a plan B C D & E. Growing up my dad always taught me and my siblings…. If something can go wrong, it will. Having that mentality, you can never be caught off guard. Change is inevitable and almost always happens.

So, with that being said… always make sure you have an alternate plan if something does go wrong with your original one.

I have always been extremely and sometimes unnecessarily organized, therefore, when anything went wrong, I immediately had a meltdown. HEY, IT HAPPENS!! That’s life, the worst thing you can do is dwell on it. Learn from it and move on.

  • S L E E P!! I have a horrible case of insomnia (which is also partnered with me being a perfectionist… I am truly my own worst enemy)

Once a day, my mother yells at me about the lack of sleep I have had.

If you are like me, never satisfied and always thinking “things could much better” in your sleep, then you feel me here.

You think clearer when you have the proper amount of sleep. Now, if that’s 8 hours or 12 hours for you, ya gotta get that sis!

  • Know that not every day is going to be your best! Every now and then, it is okay to take an off day. A day that is completely dedicated to you:

*claps* getting *claps* it *claps* together

Whether it’s hiding under the covers and simply sleeping the day away or spending the day with a good girlfriend pampering yourself. Then baby girl, you do just that!

|C A U T I O N|

Number 5 by far is the scariest part of this post and most likely the scariest part of life

  • How to face the D word… D E F E AT…

Defeat will either challenge you to be better OR break you and take you back to square 1. I can’t even attempt to lie to y’all. I face defeat with just about any major project I start. But, once I realized that I am only in control of what I can fix in that moment and nothing else, it was like I hit the jackpot. As cliché as that entire previous sentence was, think about it and apply it to your most recent ‘no’ or major let down.

Letting defeat consume you does nothing for YOU! You have to remember that the main factor throughout this whole ‘step’ process…..YOU! If it hinders you or the project at hand, you’ve got to let it go and keep it pushin’.

My hope for these 5 steps was that maybe one of them could help yall when it comes to balance. I always tell myself never put something into the universe until you have a complete thought about it and never tell anyone your next move until its finished and finalized. Life’s hard, ya know! My new favorite phrase is literally “cause life”. If one of my followers has it all together, please ‘baby, won’t you come my waaayyy’ HAHA. Once I stopped looking for all the answers to my problems, I found all the steps to make it. We all know we aren’t perfect, a neither am I, and I promise it is O K A Y.

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As always the m o d e r a t i o n life is for cowards, so be EXTRA

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