• Kobie Jarmon

Let the Experience begin!

Soooooooo, now that y’all have seen a little sneak peak of my life, I wanted to give an update and an overview of my website and things to come. Now, I know the new trend is to be a blogger ………. No shade I just personally don’t think my life is that interesting. BUT, I do love to write (I have journals, on journals, on journals, on my nightstand) and I do get asked a lot about makeup, fitness, college and just overall lifestyle things. I have my pick of blogs I enjoy, and the women who run them are

B O M B. I’ll be doing an Instagram post on my faves here pretty soon. So since this “blogger” (and I use that word ohhhhh so lightly) thing is new to me & I’m new to you, let’s blast some Beyoncé and introduce ourselves!


I genuinely want all my posts to be more of a conversation, rather than me talking at you loves! It will be an extremely casual setting and I want y’all to be able to use these posts as ways to ask me questions about the things I write or just about anything in life!

I like to think of myself as the average 22 year- old college student who lives the life of a married woman with 5 kids! LOL

B U S Y is an understatement and I want to give you some tips I’ve learned to help guide you on this crazy life whether you’re in high school, college or just trying to figure out where this crazy world will take you! I love being looked at as the “older sister” that’s been through enough to give sound advice and be a good listener. So, if I don’t touch on a topic you want to know more about, drop a note down in the comments section and I’ll get you all the way together as best as I can honey!

We all lead busy lives and it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed about the smallest thing! (I am the Q U E E N of stressing myself out) Can I get an aaammmmennnnn from my all perfectionist out there!

Anytime I need to get it together and just can’t seem to get it right, I pop in my headphones BLAST “6inch” by Beyoncé and go on a run! It’s a hard knock life to be you and believe me that’s okay! God makes all of us unique and special, so we EXTRA individuals have to live up to the excellence he made us!

Just think of this section of my website as “The Girls Room” ………. which I would like for y’all to envision a space for you to escape, as if you were chatting it up with your bestie!

This form of social media will be easier for me to answer your questions and further discuss more, the topics I get asked about the most!

Make sure you are following me on all my social media so you never miss a beat!

T W E E Ttweet: @KSymoneJ

The Gram: @Ksjarmon

SnappyChat: kobiejarmon

As always the m o d e r a t i o n of life is for cowards, so be EXTRA

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